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“Welcome to Toddland. How long will you be staying? Hopefully forever…. Wait that was creepy, let’s try this again….” So reads the tag on a beautifully cut Toddland shirt spotted at Urban Outfitters. But who is Todd and what is Toddland? Without revealing too much of the mystery, we’ve attempted to assemble some “fast facts” below by … asking. (Cover Photo: MillionDollarRoadtrip)

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Photo: Pablo Avion

Photo: Pablo Avion

IFDaily: The Toddland site describes your company as “our own little world that formerly existed only in our heads. we are just a few friends making things that we think are rad.” Who is the Todd team? Where are you located? Is it a mystery?

TCM (Todd Masters): We’re a bunch of friends that have worked together over the years at a bunch of different places as well as some new friends in the mix. Everybody on the crew is a decent human, has a ridiculous sense of humor, and parents that raised them right. We’re down in Newport Beach, CA. We wanted to headquarter the office at “The Mystery Spot” but it turns out it has an address so what’s the fun in that.

IFDaily: I love the attention to detail in your stuff. For example the yellow-orange nylon lining in some of the shirts, at the nape of the neck and the inside of the cuff: things it’s possible no one else would ever see. Unless you got naked, in which case it would be best if they weren’t intently trying to focus on the insides of your clothing. In other words, they contain deets that only you, the wearer, know are there. Is Toddland trying to make a point about self-esteem, or remind us that beauty is also on the inside?

TCM: Wait, none of our clothes have those details in them. Are you buying knock-offs? Check the tag and make sure the label doesnt say “todland,” we have no clue what you are talking about.

IFDaily: The tag on the small-size shirts reads: “the smaller you are, the more room there is in your parent’s basement.” Who is your typical customer? What are three other things they might own, and what did they probably do last week?

TCM: Hmm… our typical customer is all across the board. In our heads we like the idea that it’s “anybody who likes things that are rad.” In reality we hope it’s the Michael Cera-type gent. I am betting that they own a toothbrush, a microwave, and a TV. What kind of a question is that. And last week they probably (hopefully) brushed their teeth, made some popcorn, and watched Netflix season 2 of Arrested Development.

IFDaily: Where do the images on your tags and website come from?

TCM: Honest answer. Space. Real honest answer, they are actually all old photos of us, our friends, our family from over the years. Turns out everyone our age had parents that had the forethought to put their kids in innocent and awkward photo ops and then save the photos.

IFDaily: You make a variety of items, including the Cheeseburger Deliciousness wallet. What is your business or design philosophy?

TCM: Make rad stuff.

IFDaily: If Toddland were an animal, what animal would it be?

TCM: This week we are kind of in love with lionhead rabbits. Last week it was munchkin cats. Just google them both and plan on wasting about 4 hours of your life staring at the most adorable things ever. Thank you, science!!

IFDaily: Other than at Urban Outfitters, where else can peeps find your clothes?

TCM: Probably most lost-and-founds at high schools around the country. There, and Atrium NYC, Fred Segal Los Angeles, Blake in Portland,, and at a ton of our favorite small boutiques across the country. We are VERY controlling in that only the shops we think are the best and raddest in the country carry the brand. They have to “get” what we are all about.

IFDaily: Anything else?

TCM: Nope, thanks for the love. We appreciate it! We love you. No seriously. we should get a place together. Really. Like tomorrow. We’ll pick you up at noon-ish. Wear something nice. Well, not nice nice, but decent. We’ll drive. But we’re renting the second place we look at. We already booked the u-haul.

IFDaily: Hey, I look forward to it! ::nervous laugh, backing away: Thanks!



  • After this interview I received an actual bio from Toddland, and learned the following interesting “facts”:
  • Todd Masters launched toddland (really it’s l.c.”t”: damn our typographical neuroses) in 2009, after successful stints at Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Modern Amusement and most recently Paul Frank Industries where he was overseeing the merchandising and design of their menswear division.
  • Toddland’s majestic universe includes super-soft  t-shirts, button-down shirts, jumpers, the world famous “Greatest Pants in the Universe,” shorts, carry bags, coin purses, and wallets.
  • Perennial favorite and best selling accoutrements recommended by the toddland ministry of purveyors include the beautifully innocent “I Just Want to Ride Bikes With You” t-shirt (50,000+ units sold), the genre-redefining Cheeseburger Deliciousness Wallet, and an annual version of a jumper depicting UFOs abducting confused looking sheep.
  • And then there are the Greatest Pants in the Universe – a straight pair of basic khakis so successful they are now available in 20+ colors with over 100,000 units sold. “These are the pants God would wear … if God wears pants!”
  • Instead of keeping up with the latest fashion trends Toddland focuses on humour and retro-inspired designs. “We all loved the stuff that we grew up with from our childhoods and don’t see why we can’t bring some of that magic back.”
  • Toddland is regularly featured in GQ magazine and constantly spotted in TV shows including Glee, American Idol, The Big Bang Theory, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Desperate Housewives, Burn Notice, True Blood, The Middle, iCarly and too many commercials to mention.
  • The Toddland blog reads like a virtual who’s who list of Amercian pop culture at the moment.

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