Interview with Annie Hardy | Giant Drag

By Pablo Avion

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(8:54:39 AM – 8:56:31 AM) She’s not sleeping.

(8:57:21 AM) She has an Amazon wish list that includes ProTools 9, and other stuff she needs for recording.

(9:00:23 AM) Annie is working on a new album at Valley Recording Studio with biz partner / Icarus Line frontman Joe Cardamone.

(9:07:14 AM) Her life is very chaotic.

(9:18:46 AM) Her acting career (with Spike Jonze) happened by accident, in part because she needs money.

(9:36:08 AM) There will be a documentary by Erik Andrews about the band.

(9:38:10 AM) The new album will be called Waking Up is Hard to Do.

(9:46:21 AM) She has a Vizio TV and a Wii.

(9:52:22 AM) She likes UCB, won’t do standup.

(9:59:55 AM) Her life is very chaotic.

(10:02:48 AM) Her life is very chaotic.

(10:07:19 AM) She is sober.

(10:12:49 AM) She just had a birthday.

(10:15:29 AM) She met Kanye West once and is friends with adult film star Dana DeArmond.

(10:20:21 AM) She bakes.

(10:28:29 AM) What she won’t do in bed.

(10:32:21 AM) Her life is very chaotic.

(10:40:29 AM) About her family.


paulavion: (8:53:05 AM) I’m so glad the camera didn’t just come on. That happened in Skype recently and I looked like a homeless person. I was like “agh”

annieh: (8:53:49 AM) Yeah you’re all inside my phone which I know has only 1 camera

paulavion: (8:54:26 AM) I just bought the new iphone, and when the other person picks up, it lets me see them whether they like it or not.

paulavion: (8:54:37 AM) it;s called the iPhone peep ™

annieh: (8:54:39 AM) I live in north hollywod and haven’t slept all weekend. I don’t give a Fuuuck

paulavion: (8:55:01 AM) why no sleeps

annieh: (8:55:21 AM) Wow! That’s fucked! I’m ugly all day until I leave

annieh: (8:55:30 AM) Slow down dude.

annieh: (8:55:55 AM) Oh it’s this sound. It’s giving me anxiety. Muted it

annieh: (8:56:31 AM) No sleep due to stress and anxiety and my ass working. Doing the work of the past, present and future

paulavion: (8:57:04 AM) Do u want this in the interview? what’s all this work

annieh: (8:57:21 AM) Now I’m putting pro tools 9 on my amazon wish list. All nite I labor. Now I want a reward. More shit to work on

paulavion: (8:57:45 AM) i did my last one in logic; switched from protools; loved it

annieh: (8:57:57 AM) Music dude! I’m always in interview mode except when I slumber or am on the phone.

paulavion: (8:57:59 AM) but i guess if you’re doing the whole band, protools is the way 2 go

annieh: (8:58:16 AM) Yeah, I’ve got B sides and what not

annieh: (8:58:40 AM) Should I add a picture? My profile is so rapey.

paulavion: (8:58:57 AM) yeah logic is the way to go for solo; i had horns, bass, credibe-sounding drums, all fake, done on my iMac

paulavion: (8:59:16 AM) yeah dude you have like a witness protection program pic; tho so do i

paulavion: (8:59:50 AM) i think when u type it should come out in a terrifying garbled digitally altered voice

annieh: (8:59:56 AM) Dude now I have the dope new vocal fx pedals

paulavion: (9:00:09 AM) what fuzz pedals do you use? is it secret?

annieh: (9:00:23 AM) I can do that two blocks away at valley recording studio

annieh: (9:01:27 AM) No, I’m not a homo like that. (sorry non gay guys that will be upset about be saying homo while 99% of homos will laugh)

annieh: (9:02:02 AM) Actually those are VOCAL FX PEDALS MY FRIEND

annieh: (9:02:14 AM) THEY FINALLY DID IT!

paulavion: (9:02:19 AM) whuh? on the geetar?

annieh: (9:02:42 AM) On the mic

annieh: (9:04:01 AM) My brain just passed the point of I don’t care anymore. Wait no TC-Helicon. I will make dicks get sucked for a collection of those

paulavion: (9:04:44 AM) What does it do? Online t says “sing loop share”

paulavion: (9:05:05 AM) this sounds like something i’d think was cool when i was 13

annieh: (9:05:06 AM) No prog dog, I have a biznazz partner. Joe Cardamone. We have that studio 2 blocks away

paulavion: (9:05:23 AM) is that valley recording studio, aforementioned?

paulavion: (9:05:40 AM) you should call it “la studio”

annieh: (9:06:03 AM) They mislead you with their explanations. See 1 less dude trying to get free shit

annieh: (9:07:14 AM) No. We rep the valley. My house got robbed twice, well one was attempted home invasion

annieh: (9:08:27 AM) But they totes robed the nicest guy ever. Erik trammel. Everything. I was asleep around the corner

paulavion: (9:08:47 AM) i can’t believe the shit that happens to you

paulavion: (9:08:59 AM) how are you still alive

annieh: (9:09:00 AM) Only tl

annieh: (9:09:06 AM) To me

annieh: (9:10:37 AM) I have a MacBook Pro, Bro

annieh: (9:10:57 AM) External hard drives will be involved

annieh: (9:11:10 AM) Which is like an interface

paulavion: (9:11:24 AM) yeah its like a magic box connected with a wire i bet

annieh: (9:11:55 AM) My biz partner/BFF Joe Cardamone is on the Avid video about prol tools 9

annieh: (9:12:06 AM) Its funny

paulavion: (9:12:23 AM) yeah i should check it out, i guess; he’s in that band …. the icarus

paulavion: (9:12:25 AM) line

paulavion: (9:13:03 AM) who’s performing on the new record / does it have a name / concept

annieh: (9:14:00 AM) Yes. It’s got a lot of shit. Aforementioned BFF biz p Joe Cardamone produced the album.

annieh: (9:14:57 AM) I like to make possibly awful situations where everyone gets annoyed or scarred by me

annieh: (9:15:09 AM) Scared

paulavion: (9:15:20 AM) nah scarred

annieh: (9:16:42 AM) Bit of both perhaps

paulavion: (9:17:26 AM)

annieh: (9:17:54 AM) Cool now I wanna die

paulavion: (9:18:05 AM) this is what kept me up all night; cat bumping cone on everything, and licking it for some reason

paulavion: (9:18:46 AM) gotta run soon; so what’s up with acting

annieh: (9:18:58 AM) Maybe it’s ass flavored. My cat just eats pussy all day. She is one so it’s not weird yet it is

paulavion: (9:19:30 AM) its only weird in your mind

annieh: (9:20:05 AM) Acting happened on accident. Like all money bringing things I was immediately alerted of this spike Jonze movie

annieh: (9:20:51 AM) So I love to have money, heard spike was auditioning musicians and bam got a part

annieh: (9:21:12 AM) Or as the extras disc says he created a part for me

annieh: (9:21:40 AM) Based on my fuckin killer upbeat personality

paulavion: (9:21:46 AM) SO true

paulavion: (9:22:14 AM) i want to punch you in the face through the cat, in a gentle way

annieh: (9:22:15 AM) Dude say money and if the risk is worth ir I

paulavion: (9:22:21 AM) chat

annieh: (9:22:53 AM) Fuck my nails are long. Risk=worth it. I do it

annieh: (9:23:19 AM) 6grand to go to Thailand. Fuck that

paulavion: (9:23:39 AM) i overtrimmed a nail and the skin got weird and i thought something was wrong but then it healed

paulavion: (9:23:59 AM) then i split it again last night and i was like whats up with this finger

paulavion: (9:24:01 AM) loser

annieh: (9:24:20 AM) Ew I hate that. More proof that time heals all wounds.

paulavion: (9:24:28 AM) SO true

paulavion: (9:24:37 AM) only fingers

annieh: (9:24:48 AM) Unless you’re masochistic

paulavion: (9:24:52 AM) not

annieh: (9:25:04 AM) Sadomasochism?

paulavion: (9:25:12 AM) maybe a little

paulavion: (9:25:37 AM) hungry

paulavion: (9:25:49 AM) can still make free coffee at ikea

annieh: (9:25:52 AM) I’m adding shit on my amazon wish list like a pace ilok. I imagine I need that?

paulavion: (9:26:09 AM) need to have dreams

paulavion: (9:26:13 AM) of shopping

annieh: (9:26:21 AM) I dunno I don’t do day times mostly

paulavion: (9:26:26 AM) i just spent like 600 bucks on perfumes no kidding

paulavion: (9:26:58 AM) think its a smoking substitute, when i mostly quit last year i was burning all this incense 1 foot from my head

annieh: (9:27:00 AM) That’s like regal or something

paulavion: (9:27:10 AM) im an arab

paulavion: (9:27:14 AM) shiek

annieh: (9:27:31 AM) You’re a medley

paulavion: (9:27:39 AM) SO true

annieh: (9:28:04 AM) Do j need a USB smart key security key?

annieh: (9:28:12 AM) I not j

paulavion: (9:28:15 AM) probably not

annieh: (9:29:40 AM) Oh. I didn’t realize some people have to only use this. I need an external hard drive. I’m tired of losing everything

paulavion: (9:31:11 AM) yeah u have to have something

paulavion: (9:31:47 AM) all right man i’m going 2 go eat

annieh: (9:32:09 AM) Like an icicle xlr to USB mic converter/mic pre amp?

annieh: (9:32:48 AM) Fuck you dude. I’m starving. I’m starving for my art. Like literally.

paulavion: (9:32:57 AM) i think the apogee has a converter that’s basically like a preamp

annieh: (9:33:25 AM) Yeah and my good friend works there

paulavion: (9:33:33 AM) ikea breakfast is like $2, fool, free coffee before 10 am

paulavion: (9:33:43 AM) you can go there with fingerless mittens

annieh: (9:33:46 AM) What the fuck are we here TO talk about?

paulavion: (9:33:54 AM) your shopping

paulavion: (9:33:57 AM) duh

annieh: (9:34:04 AM) Nah waiting on dad.

paulavion: (9:34:27 AM) want some more questions then

annieh: (9:34:35 AM) Yes!

annieh: (9:34:50 AM) You keep me up and we both suffer

paulavion: (9:35:05 AM) “Any other acting projects on the horizon?”

annieh: (9:36:08 AM) Except I suffer all the time… Mmm does a mini documentary about why it took 6 fucking years for this band to get here count?

paulavion: (9:36:25 AM) Sure, what’s it called, who did it, where can we see it?

annieh: (9:37:35 AM) Erik Andrews is gonna do it. It starts this Thursday. I never date anything or it never comes out

paulavion: (9:38:10 AM) “Tell us about the new album. I heard one track awhile ago on Jonesy’s Jukebox. Does the album have a name yet? How it will be different than (or similar to) your “cute-meets-violent” work on Hearts & Unicorns vs. Swan Song‘s more meditative feel? How did the songs come together?”

paulavion: (9:38:21 AM) one word answer

annieh: (9:38:39 AM) Rape

paulavion: (9:38:46 AM) next question

paulavion: (9:38:58 AM) “What’s been like being an independent artist, and do you want to stay independent? If not, what sort of terms are necessary for your happiness with a potential label?”

annieh: (9:39:03 AM) The album is called Waking Up is Hard to Do.

annieh: (9:39:16 AM) It’ll be out in sept I bet

annieh: (9:40:03 AM) Well yes I see no point in getting into the creepy record industry now

annieh: (9:40:15 AM) 360 deals? Fuck that

annieh: (9:40:44 AM) You don’t get my publishing.

annieh: (9:40:53 AM) Or Merch

paulavion: (9:40:59 AM) not all labels want publishng / merch

annieh: (9:41:06 AM) Or the 3rd thing.

paulavion: (9:41:11 AM) pussy?

paulavion: (9:41:39 AM) sorry i meant “ass”

annieh: (9:41:43 AM) Yeah. I am too delirious to talk shit

annieh: (9:42:12 AM) It’ll be truth. I’ll get sued

paulavion: (9:42:28 AM) theyd get your empty house and bank accounts

paulavion: (9:42:31 AM) fuck

annieh: (9:42:42 AM) But for me a distro deal is the way to go

paulavion: (9:42:56 AM) you already have a fan base so yeah

annieh: (9:43:15 AM) A solid one

paulavion: (9:43:26 AM) like 10,000 stalkers

annieh: (9:43:42 AM) Nah that’d be my fa

annieh: (9:43:48 AM) Family

paulavion: (9:44:37 AM) i wonder if im hurting my finger tapping it or biting it or somrthing

annieh: (9:44:42 AM) I stayed up & emailed everyone back. Apparently unheard of

annieh: (9:44:58 AM) Prolly

paulavion: (9:45:02 AM) email is for pussies ive learned

paulavion: (9:45:33 AM) i jave the cat and a giant web tv

annieh: (9:45:33 AM) Yeah this hurts my back way less

paulavion: (9:45:41 AM) thats all i need

paulavion: (9:45:49 AM) dude my TV IS 3D

paulavion: (9:46:01 AM) it can even make OLD movies 3D … sorta

annieh: (9:46:12 AM) I have that too minus 3D tv

annieh: (9:46:21 AM) Vizio

paulavion: (9:46:39 AM) i decided to splurge on the samsubg … almost got the vizio

paulavion: (9:46:52 AM) i like not waiting for netflix CDs like some caveman

paulavion: (9:47:28 AM) what else do you wanna talk about

annieh: (9:47:34 AM) I have a wii that gives me what I want when I want

paulavion: (9:47:48 AM) yeah i also bought a wii for reasons unknown

annieh: (9:48:10 AM) I wanna know what kind of external hard drive to get

paulavion: (9:48:32 AM) let me cgeck my wish lsit … i added one 6 months ago, which means its now 6 years outdated

annieh: (9:48:47 AM) Don’t make me get outta this chair.

paulavion: (9:49:33 AM) bummed one cigarette last night and my tee smells like smoke … smokers are jokers

annieh: (9:49:58 AM) Hey. I love to smoke

paulavion: (9:50:19 AM) true

annieh: (9:50:22 AM) We are a dying breed

annieh: (9:50:32 AM) Literally

paulavion: (9:50:36 AM) i got it.

paulavion: (9:50:44 AM) u should do standup, taking a class in sept

paulavion: (9:50:59 AM) always thought standup was like dancing monkey shit, but whatev

paulavion: (9:51:01 AM) something2do

annieh: (9:51:08 AM) Nah

annieh: (9:51:22 AM) I’ve seen them

paulavion: (9:51:43 AM) went to a ucb thing last night for first time, decent

annieh: (9:51:51 AM) Do tge sane mmm

paulavion: (9:51:55 AM) everyone was HEE-HAWing though when i would chuckle

paulavion: (9:52:03 AM) liek at movies

annieh: (9:52:08 AM) Oh yeah. I lien

annieh: (9:52:13 AM) Fuck

annieh: (9:52:22 AM) I like UCB

annieh: (9:52:35 AM) I’ve played there

annieh: (9:52:40 AM) S

paulavion: (9:52:40 AM) well this is the last one i was looking at:

paulavion: (9:52:55 AM) last i checked 7200rpm was better

annieh: (9:53:08 AM) My best work is off the dome saddle

paulavion: (9:53:09 AM) i just buy anything with 4.5+ stars

annieh: (9:53:18 AM) Sadly

paulavion: (9:53:30 AM) i have no idea what dome saddle means

annieh: (9:54:07 AM) San disk? Sounds racist

paulavion: (9:54:19 AM) means “no dick” in polish

paulavion: (9:54:20 AM) ballsy

annieh: (9:55:26 AM) I’m trying to wrote suck my dick in Portuguese

annieh: (9:55:32 AM) Write

annieh: (9:55:43 AM) I’m a failure

paulavion: (9:56:09 AM) portuguese is a beautiful language for saying suck my sick

paulavion: (9:56:11 AM) dick

annieh: (9:56:13 AM) How many gigabytes does a ho like me need

annieh: (9:56:37 AM) Choopa me um pow

paulavion: (9:56:37 AM) hold on

paulavion: (9:57:12 AM) my last whole album was 10 GB

paulavion: (9:57:23 AM) and heavy-ass sequecing / big files

annieh: (9:58:08 AM) Thanks I almost lifted a thing

paulavion: (9:58:20 AM) you can get 1 TB, but my feeling is things die every couple of years anyway, better to buy a smaller one every couple of years than sink your whole life onto  one

paulavion: (9:58:32 AM) dude hold on

annieh: (9:58:52 AM) I believe you

annieh: (9:59:25 AM) Since my laptop then phone then

annieh: (9:59:32 AM) Again

annieh: (9:59:55 AM) Then my iPod stolen from my car.

annieh: (10:00:16 AM) Then last Tues my phone

annieh: (10:00:47 AM) Bye bye giant drag demos

paulavion: (10:00:55 AM) NERD ALERT I would recommend a 32 GB flash drive, reason being a) it’s cheap, b) you can bring it to the studio, c) you’ll prob actually USE it since it’s easy to connect

paulavion: (10:00:58 AM)

annieh: (10:01:17 AM) Thanks dork

paulavion: (10:01:32 AM) whatev, I got 2, and would alternate every backup so if one died i still had a backup, dig?

annieh: (10:01:48 AM) I planned on a flash drive

paulavion: (10:02:00 AM) get 2 in case 1 dies

annieh: (10:02:08 AM) Yeah

paulavion: (10:02:19 AM) your luck terrifies the fuck out of me

annieh: (10:02:22 AM) Knowing me it will

annieh: (10:02:48 AM) Yeah dicks be fallin off left and right

paulavion: (10:03:13 AM) alternately, everythings a dick to you

annieh: (10:03:26 AM) Pretty much

paulavion: (10:03:42 AM) yeah im avoiding u so my dick doesnt fall off too

annieh: (10:03:57 AM) Smart man

paulavion: (10:04:03 AM) well i missed free ikea coffee, i hope youre proud of yourself

paulavion: (10:04:20 AM) still time for a day, just me n my dick tho

annieh: (10:04:24 AM) I am. I missed sleep last night.

paulavion: (10:04:37 AM) how much of this u want me to use

annieh: (10:05:04 AM) I don’t give a FUCK

paulavion: (10:05:10 AM) sweet

paulavion: (10:05:27 AM) go to sleep

annieh: (10:05:40 AM) No you woke me up

paulavion: (10:05:47 AM) u texted me first

paulavion: (10:05:54 AM) u woke ME up, maybe

paulavion: (10:06:00 AM) AND MY CAT

paulavion: (10:06:03 AM) maybe

annieh: (10:06:06 AM) You emailed me

paulavion: (10:06:11 AM) days ago

paulavion: (10:06:21 AM) i woke you up

annieh: (10:06:27 AM) I don’t check time stamps

paulavion: (10:06:28 AM) now its coming together

annieh: (10:06:40 AM) Nah

paulavion: (10:07:12 AM) no offense but youre the reason my cat has a cone

annieh: (10:07:19 AM) This is why people think I’m drunk or high at my shows

annieh: (10:07:31 AM) Why?

paulavion: (10:07:39 AM) i can explain later how youre to blame for various bad things

paulavion: (10:07:45 AM) youll enjoy that

paulavion: (10:08:18 AM) true, your lack of sleep is the equiv to drunknness

annieh: (10:08:31 AM) Well you kept me up later

paulavion: (10:08:37 AM) and you so sober

annieh: (10:08:45 AM) True

annieh: (10:09:15 AM) It’s funny when people hand drinks to me on stage.

paulavion: (10:09:27 AM) they just assume youre mid-party

annieh: (10:10:06 AM) I think that’s what nerves come across as

annieh: (10:10:25 AM) Me being way wasted

paulavion: (10:10:41 AM) u don’t seem nervous

annieh: (10:10:54 AM) My speech slows Dow m

annieh: (10:11:01 AM) Down

annieh: (10:11:16 AM) Now I loon

annieh: (10:11:23 AM) Great

paulavion: (10:11:31 AM) i saw you at the troub 25 years ago, i liked the show

annieh: (10:11:38 AM) Faggot iPhone

annieh: (10:12:16 AM) I was 5. You’re thinking of autolux

paulavion: (10:12:40 AM) i have no idea who that it, just like someone said kate middleton wears a certain scent yesterday and i said i have no idea who that is

annieh: (10:12:49 AM) I just became 30.

paulavion: (10:13:07 AM) good for you when u gettin gmarried and having kids

annieh: (10:13:21 AM) Kate

annieh: (10:13:36 AM) Plus 8?

paulavion: (10:13:51 AM) shrug

annieh: (10:14:04 AM) No prince Harry’s wife

paulavion: (10:14:04 AM) i should wiki kate middleton but i dont care

paulavion: (10:14:10 AM) DAMN

paulavion: (10:14:12 AM) u ruined it

paulavion: (10:14:26 AM) now dont tell me who kayne west is, cuz i think its an airline

paulavion: (10:15:13 AM) my web tv should be destroying my cultural illiteracy but its not cuz i just watch gay starcraft matches broadcast from germanty

paulavion: (10:15:16 AM) Germany

annieh: (10:15:29 AM) Okay.  I wont tell u he’s a rapper I ran into at the airport

paulavion: (10:15:37 AM) did u suxck him off

annieh: (10:15:51 AM) No

annieh: (10:16:19 AM) I get starstruck around strippers

paulavion: (10:16:31 AM) dont you have porn friends

annieh: (10:17:15 AM) Yes j just talked to 1 tonight.

annieh: (10:17:58 AM) Dana DeArmond

paulavion: (10:18:32 AM) hows she doing

annieh: (10:18:44 AM) Naked

paulavion: (10:18:49 AM) reasonable

paulavion: (10:19:28 AM) are you still a celeb obsessive? or were ypu ever? you like a lot of tv

annieh: (10:19:40 AM) I saw a guy shake her butt like a business handshake

paulavion: (10:19:57 AM) do you cook? i thought i saw a blog you wrote ages ago about stuffing a turkey with aromatic herbs

annieh: (10:20:21 AM) I bake

paulavion: (10:20:47 AM) whats your fave bakable

paulavion: (10:20:52 AM) bakeable?

annieh: (10:21:06 AM) Yeah I maka a killer Turk

paulavion: (10:21:41 AM) phyllo thing?

paulavion: (10:22:03 AM) my ex- was / is a vegan chef, she did a little baking

annieh: (10:22:06 AM) I have a Betty crocker bake n fill.

paulavion: (10:22:21 AM) well cooking student i mean

annieh: (10:22:24 AM) Ew

paulavion: (10:22:36 AM) nah man theres some good vegan shit out there now

paulavion: (10:22:42 AM) youd be amazed

paulavion: (10:22:51 AM) and im from new orleans, PICKY fucker

annieh: (10:23:05 AM) I believe you

paulavion: (10:23:47 AM) bake n fill looks cool, you see all these cooking things on shopping tv, you go on amazon and they have like 1 star

paulavion: (10:24:12 AM) i just eat frozen dinner or lately order in, which is spoling me for my frozen fare

annieh: (10:24:17 AM) Yeah I sjm

paulavion: (10:25:05 AM) why eat marie callender when you can drop $25+ on thai or sushi delivery. last year i was all about the charity, this year i’m going for “right bastard”

paulavion: (10:25:53 AM) or “serious selfish fucker” … you have to mix it up

annieh: (10:26:10 AM) I just stay home.

paulavion: (10:26:49 AM) dude you have like a million friends out here, what do you do for fun, just cower from the daylight

paulavion: (10:26:58 AM) and bake?

paulavion: (10:27:03 AM) the baking part i like

annieh: (10:28:29 AM) NO my mouth is far too small for

annieh: (10:28:53 AM) Bbjs.

paulavion: (10:29:23 AM) THATS why you have no bf i bet, unless you do

paulavion: (10:30:00 AM) you have to meet people half way

paulavion: (10:30:16 AM) ok, off to eat

annieh: (10:30:40 AM) Dude

paulavion: (10:30:45 AM) dudette?

annieh: (10:30:57 AM) My alarm just went off.

annieh: (10:31:02 AM) I al

annieh: (10:32:00 AM) Scared me so bad

paulavion: (10:32:17 AM) aww

annieh: (10:32:21 AM) Living with stoners

paulavion: (10:32:26 AM) u are now?

annieh: (10:33:19 AM) Yeah he’s better than the guy before

paulavion: (10:33:28 AM) evict that shit

annieh: (10:33:58 AM) I’ve been on tecm

annieh: (10:34:06 AM) Cocks

paulavion: (10:34:27 AM) wtf are you tallking about

annieh: (10:34:39 AM) Text this whole time

paulavion: (10:34:55 AM) oh no wonder u seem so slow and feeble minded

annieh: (10:35:04 AM) Doi

paulavion: (10:35:06 AM) hope u have unlimited text

paulavion: (10:35:21 AM) cuz if not youre bills gonna be $15k

paulavion: (10:35:42 AM) well i guess its an app

annieh: (10:35:47 AM) Fuck.  Black cock down

annieh: (10:36:08 AM) Fees apply

paulavion: (10:36:22 AM) now that youre 30 im gonna refer to you as “that special lady”

paulavion: (10:36:47 AM) guess we’d better stop then

annieh: (10:37:04 AM) I look -8

paulavion: (10:37:15 AM) that does help

paulavion: (10:37:44 AM) u can get slapped with a warrant just looking at you

annieh: (10:37:48 AM) I’m a glimmer jn my dads dye

paulavion: (10:37:54 AM) your body, i mean

paulavion: (10:38:34 AM) can i ask u a semi- not semi-personal question

paulavion: (10:38:53 AM) nah forget it, another time, youre going broke anyway

annieh: (10:39:01 AM) Fo

annieh: (10:39:05 AM) Go

annieh: (10:39:09 AM) Pho

annieh: (10:39:15 AM) Ask away

paulavion: (10:39:32 AM) Ro talk show

paulavion: (10:39:57 AM) is your dad your natural dad or a step dad

annieh: (10:40:00 AM) I’m always goin broke. i have money now

annieh: (10:40:29 AM) Real dad. He works at chevron

paulavion: (10:40:34 AM) doing what

annieh: (10:40:48 AM) Managing the swr

annieh: (10:40:57 AM) Cock

paulavion: (10:41:05 AM) your moms like an actress or something, or drama something

annieh: (10:41:19 AM) He works behind the counter

annieh: (10:41:32 AM) Writer

paulavion: (10:41:54 AM) your fam seems nice

annieh: (10:41:56 AM) Aka  on unemployment

paulavion: (10:42:02 AM) overall

annieh: (10:42:26 AM) They’re ok

paulavion: (10:42:35 AM) huh

annieh: (10:42:51 AM) I bet.  Tgeb

annieh: (10:42:57 AM) R

annieh: (10:43:29 AM) Noe she’s al amon

paulavion: (10:43:46 AM) al anon?

paulavion: (10:43:51 AM) of all a mom?

paulavion: (10:43:55 AM) or all a mom?

annieh: (10:44:08 AM) Al am

annieh: (10:44:17 AM) Mom jn  am

paulavion: (10:44:23 AM) I AM WHO AM, BITCH

paulavion: (10:44:29 AM) yahweh

annieh: (10:45:02 AM) Merlo

annieh: (10:45:06 AM) E

paulavion: (10:45:06 AM) Merlot

annieh: (10:45:17 AM) Me2

paulavion: (10:45:32 AM) have a good 1

annieh: (10:45:33 AM) iPhone can suck kt

paulavion: (10:45:39 AM) yeah hate the keyboard


Photo: Felipe Arriagada, I think

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