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Interview with Gypsy ’05 Designers Osi & Dotan Shoham

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IFDaily: What inspired you to be one of the first brands to “go eco” in such a profound way?

GYPSY ’05: We were in the dye business for some time before we started our line. Being people that love and feel connected to nature, we were always looking for ways to be friendly to the environment. We were always looking for ways to make a difference. In December of 2009 our Southern California headquarters went green. A true revolution for the garment industry, we were the first completely solar-powered dying, printing, and manufacturing facility in Los Angeles. It’s been our goal to make a mark in the fashion world, without leaving a carbon footprint on the rest of the world.

Jessica Alba in Gypsy 05 Farra Dress

IFDaily: You have so many celebrity clients, from Kate Hudson to Jessica Alba. How has the line caught on so strongly among celebs? Is it word of mouth; press? Do you think the line offers an opportunity for celebrities in particular to relax a little while still looking fashionable? And / or do you think that’s essentially this same factor that appeals to everyone?

GYPSY ’05: We feel that we make clothes for the people. We don’t design particularity for celebrities; but we take pride when they wear them. We’re making clothes that are colorful, comfortable, unique, and fashionable; therefore, they appeal to many different clientele.

IFDaily: Obviously you both share duties. You also have slightly different, but complementary backgrounds: Osi’s being advertising / marketing and Dotan’s being garment and dye. How do you divide the work now? How have your roles evolved? How do you work as a team?

GYPSY ’05: We are a brother and a sister team that grew up in a tight-knit family. Not only are we close, but there is a mutual deep appreciation and respect for one another. Our partnership compliments one another’s strengths with Osi being the designer and Dotan handling the business side. The roles do however cross over from time to time.

IFDaily: How does Osi’s background influence the marketing of Gypsy ’05 today?

GYPSY ’05: Osi has developed a great eye for visuals and a great understanding of advertising, which definitely helps in the course of our business to expand strategically.

Osi & Dotan Shoham

IFDaily: How did Dotan’s work with color innovators Pacific Blue spark some of the earlier inspiration behind the current colors and eco-consciousness of the brand?

GYPSY ’05: As it is we still develop washes and dye techniques on almost a daily basis. We’re bringing back some of the old washes we used to do years ago and we are trying to give them new looks and interpretations. As well in Pacific Blue we are always trying to find ways to use eco-friendlier chemicals and materials in processing of garments. Some will include soy-based softeners, seaweed based discharge paste, low-impact dyes, and we use solar energy as a power supply.

IFDaily: What’s the “one sentence” that describes your brand?

GYPSY ’05: Gypsy ’05 is a colorful, fashionable and EVOLVING brand.

IFDaily: It seems, roughly speaking, the evolution of the brand so far has been t-shirts to maxi dresses, and now sweaters and even footwear. Where will the brand expand to next? Is the sky the limit, or will it stay close to a core concept?

GYPSY ’05Embodying the “gypset” lifestyle, Gypsy ’05 is an ever-changing brand that will continue to grow to evoke our free-spirit. Gypsy ‘05 is an artist brought to life, through interpretations of beauty, life, and culture. By gathering motivation from our surroundings — both Los Angeles and our native land — we tend to focus on elements which revitalize nature through fashion. This is apparent in our contemporary collection for men, women, and children.

Gypsyz knit stocking / boot hybrid

Our shoe collection, Gypsyz, launched for fall / winter 2010 as a new and unparalleled type of footwear.  A hybrid between a knit stocking and a boot, Gypsyz are meant to be worn both indoors and outdoors and are offered in various heights, prints and colors. For fall 2011 we have created our Gypsyz Clogs in knit, as was seen on the runway.

We are very excited about the launch of this new style and are expecting it to do wonders in the market.


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LA Pre-Fashion Week Party w/ Project Runway Alum & Two Point Oh

The Falls Lounge in Downtown Los Angeles is the hotspot for this year’s Two Point Oh! LA Pre-Fashion Week party, complete with its own fashion presentations and awards.

The group will honor the work of celebrated costume designer (and Project Runway alum) Mila Hermanovski, who unveiled her Spring/Summer collection last season.

Also appearing will be Sarah Brannon of Chelsea Rebelle, a mainstay of the LA fashion scene, celebrity and fashion blogger fave-rave.

This year’s event will also feature presentations from sponsors You by Crocs and Modelwire, goodies from The Chocolate Box Café and ever-popular fashion week gift bags from XCVI.

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LAFW – Project Ethos Runway Show Featuring Seth Aaron Henderson, Others


LOS ANGELES, CA – Eight fashion designers, including Seth Aaron Henderson (winner of Project Runway Season 7) will showcase their wares on the runway at the Avalon on March 12th, at a runway show to be held by Project Ethos.

The creatively charged event will feature a lineup  of top emerging fashion designers, musicians and artists.

In keeping with the concept of breaking bold new ground, the theme of the event will be “Carpe Diem” (Latin for “seize the day”).

The theme resonates on more than one level with event participants, as these innovators have chosen to take the next step in their careers by showcasing their work to thousands of attendees on the red carpet.

In the audience will be an enthusiastic crowd of media, buyers and consumers, all primed to discover the next big thing.

Project ETHOS is known for producing red carpet events that showcase multiple forms of creativity under a single roof.  Fashion, music, and art come together to close the gap between indie and mainstream by combining the established with the avant garde and cutting edge.


The night will begin with a live performance by the eclectic and soulful indie rock band Robatanists, who will debut songs from their new record Plans In Progress.


Robatanists will debut songs from their new record, Plans In Progress.


The runway show will commence featuring Melissa Velia (Chula Couture), Reneta Jhunjhnuwala (Reneta J), Kristi Moon (Age of Aquarius), Dominique Ansari (Dominique Ansari), Ermelinda Manos (Ermelinda Manos), Cardiwrap By Kymaro and Frederick’s of Hollywood Swimwear who are officially launching their new swim line at Project Ethos events across the country.

To add to the fashion excitement, Seth Aaron Henderson will debut his never-before-seen ready-to-wear collection on the beaming white stage at Project Ethos.


Upstairs in Bardot, seven talented artists will display a variety of mediums.

To top the night off, Australian DJ Duo Yolanda be Cool will pump the crowd with energy in a celebration of it all with their hit, “We no Speak Americano”.

Yolanda Be Cool

Yolanda be Cool will perform their new hit, “We No Speak Americano." (See video.)

Official sponsor vitaminwater zero™ continues their support at this affair by offering the “Flavor Fashionista Challenge,” which offers the designers an opportunity to win prizes up to $3,000 in value if they design the winning garment inspired by a vitaminwater zero™ flavor.

The garments will all be showcased on the runway at Project Ethos and the winner will be chosen by live text-to-vote.

Presenting sponsor Carlton Hair returns to style the 70+ models that will heat up the runway. In addition, Carlton will offer “The Carlton Hair Experience,” the winner of which will receive VIP treatment at a local salon, attend the event with three friends, walk the red carpet and get a private table and bottle. To enter, the public can text CARLTONLA to 59925.

For presale tickets, click here.





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