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GEN ART: Indie Fashion / Music Company Returns

NEW YORK, NY – Indie fashion designers, rejoice. After closing tired eyes and filing for Chapter 7 last May, the indie event organization Gen Art got new life and rose, Dracula-like, thanks to an infusion from the cutting-edge media company Sandow Media.

(Excuse our creepy analogy. It was like a little movie though, wasn’t it? You now owe us $20.00.)

Since 1994, Gen Art has brought together emerging talent in the world of film, fashion, art, and music. People like Zac Posen, Rebecca Taylor and Rodarte, all can credit Gen Art with having helped launch their careers to some degree.

The Wall Street Journal made the following observation, which we find interesting:

“With the advent of reality TV shows like ‘Project Runway’ and ‘America’s Next Top Model’, as well as the emergence of do-it-yourself bloggers, contemporary technology has created additional platforms and exposure for budding talent. But Adam Sandow, the CEO of Sandow Media, believes that Gen Art has the potential to be more influential than ever before.”

First up on the calendar will be Gen Art’s 16th annual Film Festival in New York City, to be held in June.

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